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CRM CARE talks AI chatbots for customer support

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Salesforce is moving way beyond just CRM when it comes to meeting customer needs. In the new era of digital business; artificial intelligence, social media integration and new features like AI chatbots for customer support are all part of the package that businesses demand. At its recent Salesforce Dreamforce keynote, the company’s leaders made great effort to point out the future role these technologies will play for any type of business.

You can enjoy the video of the event’s keynote around its Einstein smart range of AI services, here .

Einstein has been rapidly evolved by the company to show how serious it is about meeting business needs for AI, with a major update revealed at the Dreamforce event. Einstein Bots offer simple creation tools for chatbots to customers, allowing business users to build, train and deploy chatbots with just a few clicks. These AI Chatbots for Customer Support provide an ideal opportunity to expand coverage without the cost.

Chatbots have a massive future

A chatbot can act as the first line of your customer support, dealing with simpler queries and saving your reception or customer support staff from having to. More serious questions or issues can be escalated directly to the right person in the company, so no more fuming customers being told “their call is important” while left on hold.

Chatbots can also book appointments, suggest travel plans or make sales and provide live information – no wonder they are appearing on so many websites, with practically every airline offering them to help make the customer experience smoother and customer support faster. But it is not just big companies that benefit. Small companies gain a 24/7 presence thanks to a chatbot, and lots of people are happy to talk to them.

The AI features come to the fore as these bots will continuously learn, improving themselves to ask better questions, and deliver more accurate and relevant information. The chatbot can also link to customer data to create a more personal conversation, or to make recommendations based on previous sales.

All of these features will help the chatbot become a common and vital part of the digital experience and are vital for saving businesses time and money. See how one could benefit your business now and get an Ai Chatbot for customer support.

At CRM Care, we offer Salesforce support to help you get the most out of this powerful tool.If you want to find out more about tailoring Salesforce, get in touch with CRM CARE today or email. Check out our other blogs or Salesforce Blogs for more.

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