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Why businesses are choosing Salesforce to improve customer relations

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Enterprise software may not be the sexiest phrase ever coined. Yet Salesforce – a US-based company offering sales cloud services – is inspiring and helping small businesses in Israel to enter the digital age and bring world-class customer support to their e-commerce operation by using Salesforce to improve customer relations.

Accessibility for all

One of the founding principles of Salesforce is to make the purchasing of enterprise software as easy as buying a book through Amazon. This has seen the presence of Salesforce grow through Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Simon Short, the executive vice president of the Salesforce customer success group in these regions recently spoke in the Tel Aviv office, passionately encouraging retailers to offer Israeli consumers an improved shopping experience buy integrating the inventory of brick-and-mortar stores with online presence.

Great change

He spoke of a fourth industrial revolution that is rapidly taking hold,in which the world is undergoing huge changes though the impact of mobile, cloud, AI, robotics and 4D printing technologies. Through the combination of these things, the time may soon arrive when human input becomes completely unnecessary. And as production and media techniques are completely transformed, consumers now have greater power than ever before to boost or damage the reputation of a company, simply by reporting their experiences on social media.

Facebook and Twitter complaints about the brusque and uninterested comments from Israeli retailers have been all-too-common, which has somewhat changed the balance of power. Israeli consumers are beginning to experience the new standards of customer service, and are becoming less tolerant of old ones. If domestic companies can’t meet these higher expectations, they will lose business rapidly.

A new approach

With customer power so high, executives are rethinking business priorities, and this is where Salesforce steps in. Through the use of Salesforce care and its service cloud, businesses are able to synchronize warehouse inventory with call centers and websites, so customers don’t find themselves having to repeat information time and time again.

Salesforce purchased an Israeli data-entry automation start-up called Implisit Insights in 2016, and is continuing to invest in other Israeli start-ups. It has a number of Israeli clients, and employees in the country dedicate thousands of hours to volunteering with educational ventures for children.

Committed to Israeli enterprise

In short, Saleforce is demonstrating its commitment to supporting business development in Israel, and an increasing number of companies is signing up to the Salesforce customer relationship management service to see growth and meet customer demands in the 21st Century.

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