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CRM CARE’s Top 3 tips for user management in Salesforce

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Here at CRM Care, we know how vital the Salesforce admin role is within a business and why getting tips for user management in Salesforce. This role is not only crucial in helping Salesforce provide the maximum level of CRM help but also to drive business growth as a result. We know that all the Salesforce admin heroes out there do a great job in using it to streamline their organisation’s processes and make everything run that bit more efficiently!

One area within Salesforce that all admin people spend a lot of time in is the User object. If you want some great ideas on how to make the most of this and make your life easier, read on!

1. Use custom fields

One thing we love to do at CRM Care is use the Custom Fields option in the User object. This can save you lots of time and make it easy to keep track of each user you have in Salesforce. Being able to customise records in this way always means you have the individual information for each user at hand. Examples of this are things like setting Admin Notes, De-Activation Dates and a Signature Block on a user’s email template.

2. Use permission sets

Another great time-saving user management tip in Salesforce is the use of permission sets. This means that you have the power to extend any functionality to a group of users rather than just one individual profile. Obviously, this comes in very handy if you are wanting to roll out access to various functions for everyone working on one project for example.

3. Flexible user management via the app

We know how frustrating it can be as a Salesforce admin when someone locks themselves out of their account and you’re not near a computer to sort it out. Luckily, the Salesforce app makes this a distant memory! The app will let you log in via your mobile device and be able to sort it out quickly. It obviously also gives you mobile access to Salesforce for work purposes when needed.

We hop you liked our tips for user management in Salesforce. If you need any help or support on any Salesforce related issues, get in touch with CRM Care today! We have many years’ experience in using this cloud-based software and can make sure you are using Salesforce to its maximum potential for your business.

At CRM Care, we offer Salesforce support to help you get the most out of this powerful tool.If you want to find out more about tailoring Salesforce, get in touch with CRM CARE today or email. Check out our other blogs or Salesforce Blogs for more.

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