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CRM CARE’s 3 classic Salesforce mistakes and how to avoid them

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We all love Salesforce at CRM CARE as it is such a powerful, useful tool for any business. The way it lets us super-charge business productivity and bring real value to plans to increase our business efforts is just superb. We would highly recommend it to any business looking for ways to streamline and improve what they offer to customers.

However, it can be a tricky thing to use at times, so we’ve put together some of the more common issues you may come across and how to fix them:

1. Migrating data over incorrectly

We love the way Salesforce pulls all your companies data together into one, complete dashboard. The main issue around this is when you first set Salesforce up and have to grab your data from existing systems to move over. It is not just collecting all your data to move but also weaving it together and formatting it correctly.

The fix around this issue is to have an expert who knows the process to perform this task and ideally start the process of weaving data from different sources well in advance, so you are not rushing it.

2. Not having a CRM plan

Some businesses hear about this great new system called Salesforce and jump straight in, without any kind of plan around it. We would instead advise to have a good think beforehand as to why you need a CRM system.

Without sitting down to think about the pressure points in your company that you want Salesforce to help with, it will be hard to extract the undoubted value from using it.

3. Not making sure you get the Admin right

One of the real keys to the success of Salesforce within an organisation is having the right admin structure in place. You should have at least one internal team member who is tasked with the updating and maintenance of the system for optimal results. They will need proper training and support also, to ensure they stay up-to-date on the latest modules and news.

If you need any further help with using Salesforce, contact CRM Care today! We offer a professional and bespoke support service for the rollout of Salesforce within businesses, to ensure it all runs smoothly.

At CRM Care, we offer Salesforce support to help you get the most out of this powerful tool.If you want to find out more about tailoring Salesforce, get in touch with CRM CARE today or email. Check out our other blogs or Salesforce Blogs for more.

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