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CRM CARE’s 4 basic principles to follow when using Salesforce

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At CRM CARE we believe Salesforce is a powerful tool that can help you optimise your business efforts and boost your productivity. However, as with all CRM platforms, data quality is key. You can use the most advanced analysis, or even artificial intelligence (AI) tools, but if the data is not complete, correct, and fit for purpose, you won’t get the insights you’re looking for.

Try following these basic principles to improve data quality:

1. Don’t maintain separate data sets

One problem that crops up in businesses of all sizes is disparate, decentralised data sets. One team keeps a spreadsheet of leads on their intranet area, another stores contact phone numbers on a word document, one team member stores notes about client preferences on their local machine. This is bad practice. Keeping all data centralised enables better identification of patterns, trends and opportunities.

2. Don’t duplicate data

Duplicating data can create a web of confusion that’s hard to untangle. Imagine you enter details of a ‘new’ client, for whom there’s already a record. If you include notes or contact details that are different from the original record, how will subsequent users know which is correct? Always confirm that data doesn’t exist before you enter it.

3. Remain up to date

To make optimal decisions and catch all potential opportunities, you need accurate data. While the effects of inaccurate data can be suboptimal at best, they can be damaging at worst. So, don’t just enter your data and then forget about it. Make sure it is kept up to date and have appropriate systems in place for maintaining and updating data as needed.

4. Continually upskill

Building a workforce of seasoned, confident Salesforce users starts with data entry training – everyone should know what data to enter, where to enter it, and the correct formatting to use. Crucially, they should also know the value of the data they are entering. More practised users might benefit from learning how to build reports or use the AI tools available on the Salesforce app exchange.

At CRM Care, we offer Salesforce support to help you get the most out of this powerful tool.If you want to find out more about tailoring Salesforce, get in touch with CRM CARE today or email. Check out our other blogs or Salesforce Blogs for more.

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