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Why should on-the-road Sales reps use Salesforce CRM?

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Why should on-the-road Sales reps use Salesforce CRM?

Whatever the size of your company, there can be no denying that having sales representatives on the road meeting and greeting both existing and potential clients can work wonders in terms of securing contracts, creating sales opportunities or simply just touching base to do a little research on what clients are looking for from a supplier.

Of course, this information containing the needs, the wants and the general concerns of prospective clients needs to reach the administrative hub of your business so that your staff can implement changes and act on hot leads accordingly. But how much of this information gets lost in translation on the busy drive back to the office? Your reps might be visiting numerous clients every day, and any information or feedback they receive is most effectively used when acted upon immediately. At worst it could end up lost in the ether – but this is where Salesforce comes in.

CRM Care recommends Salesforce as it is a real-time, cloud-based intuitive system, and reps love it. It allows instant uploading of client or customer notes and much more. Here are just four reasons why your reps can’t afford not to be connected to the sales cloud.

1) Fantastic access to customer information

Salesforce apps allow your reps to see all of their opportunities, tasks, contacts, events and accounts in one easy to understand marketing cloud. It’s convenient and provides a complete view of the customer’s history without paper documents, notes or spreadsheets.

2) Planning made easy

Allow your reps to do their own planning on the road with complete access to customer histories, wherever they may be. Once meetings are complete, your reps can then arrange follow ups and take a look at the amount of time committed to their individual efforts before relaying this back to the office and saving as a reminder.

3) Effective time management

Prioritising is one of the main bugbears of being a rep, but Salesforce makes it easy to check on nearby opportunities and make better use of time.

4) Detailed reports

Reps can create reports detailing opportunities (both won and lost), products that have recently been sold and accounts that haven’t been visited in some time in order to gain a better understanding of how to maximise their time.

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