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Why should you use Salesforce CRM for a SMB?

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Image from Flickr - CRM Care

Image from Flickr – CRM Care

Why should you use Salesforce CRM for a SMB?

CRM Salesforce isn’t just a great idea for large organisations, small companies can also reap the benefits of this customer relationship management software. Salesforce can allow you to accelerate the growth of your small business in a cost-effective and efficient manner, allowing you to focus on delivering your product or service. Here, we look at the main benefits of using CRM Salesforce to help grow a smaller company…

1. Superior contact management

Are your customers and potential customers simply stored as a list of names and contact details? Salesforce can help you to take contact management to the next level by allowing you to keep comprehensive records of customer interactions. These records can be used as tools to monitor customer satisfaction, encourage repeat sales, and build your brand.

2. Targeted selling

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to targeting past and potential customers. The Salesforce CRM is a fantastic tool for making sure you contact the right people at the right time, even reminding you of the best times for communicating. This software means that you don’t have to rely on staff remembering to contact leads at the right times, and you can analyse all your interactions to maximise productivity.

3. Keep a lid on IT expenditure

Running a small business means that keeping your costs down is a priority, and having to employ IT experts as your company grows can be a drain on your potential profits. Because Salesforce is cloud-based and you can log in from any device from any location, your business can benefit from the latest customer relationship management technology, without having to employ an in-house team.

4. Harness the power of social media

Linking your CRM system to social media networks allows you to reach out to more potential customers and heighten awareness of your brand. For a small business, the value of this cannot be underestimated – it’s an efficient and cost-effective means of maintaining and increasing your market share.

5. Grows with your business

Salesforce can be scaled up as your business grows, as the cloud-based nature of this system is entirely customisable.

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