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CRM Care Product Review: Edit Quotas Salesforce

CRM Care Product Review: Edit Quotas Salesforce

Quotas in Salesforce are a tricky task. They have an enormous amount of value, but Salesforce don’t make it easy for you to update and insert. Doing it the manual way will take considerable preparation especially if you go into the hundreds of users. This is where you canĀ use a Salesforce Labs application called “Edit Quotas” (original, I know) to assist you in getting it right.

Official Blurb:editquota-lxp-classic-mode-page-03

Collaborative Forecasting is an excellent way to track your business. But entering your rep’s quotas can only be done through the API.

Edit Quotas is an app that lets a sales manager view and set quotas within the Salesforce graphical user interface.

  • Simple screens to view and edit your sales reps’ forecasts

  • Set new quotas quickly by copying quotas from a previous forecast period

  • Security controls guarantee that quotas can only be viewed and edited by those who are authorized.


Image and word source: Edit Quotas – AppExchange


Whats Good?

  • Very easy to install (as are all with Salesforce AppExchange applications)
  • It works on existing functionality within Salesforce profile settings. If you have Edit quotas enabled as permission enabled on the profile / permission set you can use it
  • If you use permission set (I would recommend) you can associate the edit quotas application. I would recommend separating up a separate forecast application within Salesforce for all your users.
  • Manual updates for individual months and quarters and instantly updated.
  • Data Loader can be used. If like me you need to do a mass insert on creation you can allow admins to do that, but delegate updating of quotas to other users WITHOUT admin permissions. This is a big plus.


Whats Bad?

  • With larger data sizes the application doesn’t reduce your workload, it only allows you to delegate some of the responsibility of maintaining it.
  • This should be a standard ‘out of the box’ functionality. I’m unsure on the data of how much forecasting is being used in Salesforce, but weirdly it does seem to be one of the forgotten functionalities.


If you are running forecasting out of Salesforce you need to have this weapon in your armoury. It isn’t going save you a lot of time but it will save you considerable aggravation in the future. This is just one of many tools you need to perform your forecasting within Salesforce.


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